Blood, Guts and Glory

Our archivist Ave Maria Blithe writes about making our traditional Christmas treat

Merry Christmas!

Our offcial Christmas staff photo...

... and a selfie

Keeping the Flame Alive

The vital role of expatriates in regaining Estonia´s independence

By Ave Maria Blithe

I work as an archivist at the Estonian Archives in the United States, which is in Lakewood, New Jersey, about two hours outside of New York City. The Archive has been in existence for 50 years, I have worked there for the past two.  Even though I have lived in America for 25 years now, I was born and raised right next door - in Tallinn, Estonia and landed in the United States in 1990.



EAUS has accumulated many extra copies of various Estonian language books. We would be glad to donate them. You can schedule a convenient time to come and pick them up in person. Delivery within New Jersey and Philadelphia area is also a possibility. The exact list is being compiled, and will be posted asap.

Do you know of any Estonian schools, associations or nursing homes that might be interested in reading books in their native language?

Please contact us via telephone 732 363 6523 or email


Happy Holidays!

We have a beautiful tradition at the Archive of gathering together for a festive Christmas luncheon. It is a pot-luck, where everyone brings something delicious, their signature dishes.


The Best Christmas Gift

... is "DP Chronicle - Estonian Refugees in Germany 1944 - 1951", an English translation of the original "DP Kroonika" by Ferdinand Kool, the founder of the EAUS. The English version was published last year to mark our 50th anniversary. Translation by Aime Martinson Andra, edited by Evald Rink.

The price $45 includes shipping costs within the continental U.S. and all proceeds benefit EAUS.

To order, please email

What To Do with Books?

   Estonian Archives in the U.S., Inc. (EANC) receives many inquiries as to what to do with books? Extra books always appear during moves or when clearing out Grandma’s attic. As you know, Estonians are frugal folks and big on re-using. It would be especially heinous to simply toss written word into a dumpster.


December 6, 2014

For the second year now, the EAUS took part in the Christmas Fair at the Estonian House of New York. The recently published “DP Chronicle” was a big hit. This is the English version of the famous “DP Kroonika” by the founder of the EAUS Ferdinand Kool.


November 19, 2014

Those who think that working in an archive is not very eventful, are sorely mistaken. Yesterday there was more action here than we could have ever imagined. A gruesome scene awaited me at work Monday morning.