An Estonian musician Vaiko Eplik (on right) researched the EAUS collection of Estonian expatriate music CDs and vinyl records.


German researcher and polyglot (beautiful Estonian skills among the many languages he is fluent in) Lars Fredrik Stöcker from Uppsala University, Sweden, found materials for his research in economics.


Tiiu Kravtsev and Gristel Ramler from Estonian National Archive are sorting through volumes of documents.


Director of exhibits Sander Jürisson from the Estonian Museum of Occupations and Liisi Esse, assistant curator for Estonian & Baltic studies, Stanford University Libraries. (right). On left, EAUS archivist Ave Maria Blithe & EAUS president Enda Mai Michelson Holland.


In the end of December 2015, we received a visit from Leevi Reinaru (head of table, in a black jacket), from Lääne Nigula Püha Nikolaus congregation, Pastor of Lääne Deanery in Estonia. His uncle, Rudolf Reinaru, had served as a pastor in New Jersey at Lakewood Holy Ghost congregation in 1957 - 1965. On the photo (from left to right) EAUS president Enda Mai Michelson Holland, EAUS curator Eda Taps and secretary Airi Vaga. Juhan Urm in the back. They are watching this video clip about the construction of the Archive building, all done by local Estonian volunteers from their own donated materials and resources:



February 8, 2016. Helga Merits from the Netherlands introducing her film "The Class of 1943" to remind us of the tragedy of the Estonian WW2 generation who were "voluntarily" conscripted either to the Soviet or German army...


Ülle Kraft & Kristi Leps from Estonian War Museum have been busy at EAUS all this week of May 13, 2016, digitizing Captain Aleks Kurgvel´s database.